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Learning from Winners with & Physicians Mutual Insurance

Television Ad Tech that Anyone Can Use: Results From Two Ogilvy Award-winning Campaigns
July 23, 2014
1:00–2:00pm ET

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Uncover the winning techniques behind two ARF David Ogilvy Award winning campaigns – and Physicians Mutual Insurance. Both campaigns employed new data-driven Television Ad Technologies including:

  • Buyer/addressable targeting to go after exactly the right persons
  • Design-of-experiments to measure the complete ROI from television
  • Closed-loop television optimization using real-time conversion tracking

The results were spectacular: Physicians Mutual generated 14x more leads at a 35% lower cost per lead, and generated massive cross-channel web sales.
Join this webcast to learn about:

  •’s and Physicians Mutual’s experience running the technology
  • Some fascinating and Physicians Mutual analysis that confirmed the lift from targeting
  • Common pitfalls and issues that advertisers can run into with these new methods
  • How advertisers can get started and use these techniques in their own television campaigns

Brendan Kitts – Chief Scientist, PrecisionDemand



Learning from Winners with & Physicians Mutual Insurance
July 23, 2014


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