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Learning From Winners Webcast With Forethought Research

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Time: 1:00–2:00pm EST

Special Webcast – Free for member and non-members!

Join us on December 11 for a free webcast that will uncover the winning research and strategy behind the Kmart “1000 Mums” campaign. Check out the ad campaign video!

The Kmart (Australia) “1000 Mums” campaign succeeded at one of the toughest communications challenges: Convince the market that a brand’s quality is up while pricing is down.

Post-campaign data shows residual benefit: pre-cognitive emotions driving consumer behavior (quantitatively identified pre-campaign) now reside in the Kmart brand, when they didn’t before “1000s Mums”.

Forethought Research modeling predicted that “1000 Mums” would increase marketshare. In the critically important final quarter (Christmas) of 2011, Kmart increased share, successfully transitioning from high-low pricing to an everyday low-price strategy. Given the payload the campaign carried, Forethought Research concluded that “1000 Mums” was the most successful creative of 200+ spots tested in 2011. Quite simply, a brilliant campaign.

Presented by:
Ken Roberts – CEO, Forethought Research


Learning From Winners Webcast With Forethought Research
December 11, 2013


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