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ARF Industry Leader Forum 2013

Stay tuned for details about ARF Industry Leader Forum 2014, on October 30!

Here's what happened at our 2013 event.

With so much spirited debate and discussion on marketing mix modeling, we wanted to share a few key takeaways from our speakers on the subject:

"We shouldn't rewrite the past—[the] marketing mix model is the best validated system. Let's not try to tear down competing models, but let's talk about tying together the best solutions to solve problems."
Neil Canter, President, Global Analytic Consulting, Nielsen

"Mix modeling can't rule, it needs to be taken in context and balanced. Does it make sense? Does it match your intuition? If not, we encourage people to ignore the results."
Charles McLeish, Sr. Director, Marketing Planning & Services, Lego

"I have seen the changes in the modeling industry, and much of the conversations that we’ve seen involve modeling as a change agent. If you want to truly understand something, you have to change it."
Pathikrit SenGupta, SVP, Analytics, Hill Holliday

"You can take a problem, solve it in a multitude of ways and come up with the same answer. This holds true for our industry as well—we tailor our solutions to meet business needs that are impactful."
Nancy Smith, President & CEO, Analytic Partners

"Models don’t make decisions, people do."
John Walthour, Director, Global Consumer Insights, General Mills


Modeling for Growth: Mix it Up  •  October 29, 2013

Time-Life Building
1271 Avenue Of The Americas (Between 50th & 51st)
New York, NY 10020

Today’s C-Suite is challenging us to deliver insights that lead to growth. Marketing mix models are a crucial ingredient. Is your model keeping pace with today’s consumer? Do you know about “bleeding edge” solutions that are expanding analytics for new consumer touchpoints?

Join your peers—marketing and marketing insights leaders—to debate and discuss the biggest issues our industry is facing. The day is comprised of three parts:

Examine Mix Models
Participate in the discussion around how cross-platform, big data, and the need for speed impact current marketing mix models and the longer-term perspective on the value of advertising.

Outside Modeling Perspectives
Learn from some of the smartest people working on models that have changed dramatically in other industries such as robotics, genomics, and urban planning.

Modeling the Research Organization of the Future
Discuss the latest in research organizational models that insights leaders are embracing to impact decision-making and results.

You are a catalyst for growth at your company. Participating in this Industry Leader Forum will help you codify the tools and strategies you need to impact decision-making and results.

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