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Best KIF Webcast: Multi-Platform Consumers and New Measurement

Consumers are increasingly using multiple platforms to engage with content. Whether TV, Radio, PC, Mobile Smartphone or Tablet, the new media reality creates a complex media environment that presents many challenges – for media brands in reaching and engaging consumers with their content, and for marketers in utilizing these platforms to reach these increasingly device-independent consumers. 
This session will focus on new research methodology developed by Arbitron and comScore, and sponsored by ESPN, combining consumer research panel data used by TV and radio with census-measurement data used by the digital (mobile and Internet ) industry. The methodology is being employed to measure consumption of ESPN content and total media consumption, across five platforms. This presentation will provide the first findings from this groundbreaking project, and what scaled cross-platform measurement means for media companies, publishers and marketers.

Glenn Enoch – VP, Integrated Media and Research, ESPN Inc.

Carol Frost - VP Product Management, Cross Platform Services, Arbitron

Joan Fitzgerald – VP, Cross Media, comScore Inc.

Best KIF Webcast: Multi-Platform Consumers and New Measurement
May 14, 2013


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