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How Consumer Price Sensitivity Influences Advertising

Price sensitivity is a critical challenge today for businesses, brands and marketers. Research shows us that price sensitivity is on the rise and that more consumers are choosing products based on price than on convenience or the brand. New research from dunnhumby takes these findings one-step further to decipher the role of price sensitivity within advertising and its impact across media channels. Presented by dunnhumby's lead media analyst, Justin Petty, VP of Media and Partnerships, this webcast will review how a consumer’s demonstrated sensitivity to price influences how they respond to digital advertising, TV advertising and to social media tactics. It will demonstrate a more granular method for defining price sensitive customers and how to leverage that definition for more accurate and efficient media plans.

You will learn:

• How to leverage behavioral data to understand your brand, your brand buyers and your media plans in terms of price sensitive behavior.

• How advertisers can tailor media strategies to resonate with least price sensitive or most price sensitive consumers so that price isn’t the only driver of brand purchases. 

• Which tactics and media channels are the most effective at driving the behavior of price sensitive customers in terms of awareness, trial and repeat purchases.

Presented by: Justin Petty, Vice President of Media and Partnerships, dunnhumby


How Consumer Price Sensitivity Influences Advertising
May 7, 2013


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