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Thought Leader: Biometric Measures + Traditional Methods = Unique Brand Communication Insights


The industry’s heightened awareness of neuromarketing science has led to the resurgence of using biometric measures in marketing research.  However, some applications of neuromarketing research are not equipped to accurately obtain an in-depth understanding of how consumers mentally process and respond to brand messaging. 

During the session, Professor Paul Bolls, Ph.D., will introduce attendees to a scientific paradigm for understanding data that is obtained from all measures of brain activity, including brain imaging and more traditional biometric measures. The paradigm provides a scientifically valid foundation for combining biometric measures with traditional marketing research methods to gain more comprehensive insights into consumers' interactions with brand communication. 

Join Dr. Bolls as he explores and discusses the following topics:

Why neuromarketing should not replace communication science
Just because you're imaging the brain doesn't mean you stop using your head
Brand Communication as a dynamic interaction between the brain and messages
Applying biometric measures to marketing research – integrating traditional and biometric methods to improve the understanding of consumer perceptions of communications
Understanding the three channels of human experience and what biometrics measure
Media Psychophysiology as an approach to brand communication research
Implications for evaluating and conducting valid biometric/neuromarketing research

Through the knowledge that attendees gain during the session, they will be better prepared to evaluate neuromarketing research approaches, and participate in the valid application of biometric measures in marketing communication science.

Presented by:
Paul Bolls, Ph. D. – Associate Professor of Strategic Communication, Missouri School of Journalism

McCANN, 600 Battery Street, Church Conference Room, San Francisco, CA 94111


Thought Leader: Biometric Measures + Traditional Methods = Unique Brand Communication Insights
May 9, 2013


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