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ARF University: Creativity in Research - A Playshop

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
ARF Office: 432 Park Ave. South (b/t 29th & 30th), NYC

Creativity in Research: A Playshop

Companies can no longer afford researchers who answer but do not ask questions, or who report on findings but do not anticipate and invent possible futures based on their insights. At the same time, we often hear that researchers want their companies to include them more in decision-making, and their advice should be more sought out.

Creativity in Research: A Playshop, was developed on the premise that researchers of all levels can enhance our individual and collective creativity at work to meet the growing business requirements of our companies. In this half-day course, you'll learn techniques for generating greater impact and recognition for your work, and gain the ability to "sell" these solutions inside and out.


ARF University: Creativity in Research - A Playshop
October 3, 2012


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