Measuring Media Usage Behavior
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Announcing ARF White Paper: Measuring Media Usage Behavior

Improving the Quality of Measurement to Increase the Accuracy of Data Reports and Forecasts on How Consumers Use Media

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New digital media technologies and changes in the media landscape are impacting the media use of most Americans.  Some of these changes cannot yet be measured accurately, and ARF members point out that the trade press and general media often report data that are at odds with well-documented research insights on media use. Typically, these erroneous reports (especially in their headlines) highlight changes and “surprising” trends that are often contradicted by validated data.

Members have asked that the ARF play a role in providing better information on these issues since accurate information on media use is essential for creating successful media plans, strategies on reaching consumers across platforms, and many other business decisions. The ARF’s research quality projects have demonstrated that poor research quality almost always affects the accuracy of data and, thereby, the quality of business decisions.

The project and this accompanying white paper reviewed a large body of reports on media usage studies, ranging from presentations at conferences, books analyzing media-use trends, reports in the trade and general press, blogs, and proprietary research that several ARF members shared with us.  The white paper discusses:

·         Media Measurement Quality Issues

·         Analysis and Data Interpretation Issues

·          Analysis of Reports About Trends in Media Usage

·         Recommendations for Research and Reporting on Media Usage


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Journal of Advertising Research

What We Know About Peer-to-Peer Marketing
June 2014, Vol. 54, No. 2

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