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Winter Session 2017
Master of Ad Tech Course 

January 26 – March 2, 2017

432 Park Avenue South 4th floor, NYC

DMP.  DSP.  CTR.  RTB.  SEO.  UGC.  Just some of the crazy alphabetic combinations of jargon you see everywhere. So how do you get up to speed in the world of Ad Tech?

ARF’s Leadership Lab can help.  Join us this winter as we make sense of the acronyms, and give you the tools to make the complicated Ad Tech world simple. We’ll start with the principles of the Ad Tech landscape, tackle the in’s and out’s of how Ad Tech works, and close with case studies of how to leverage Ad Tech to grow your business. 

Classes are held live at ARF offices at 432 Park Avenue South in NYC with continental breakfast starting at 8:00am and course content starting at 8:30am.  The Lab closes each week at 10:00am.  As additional incentive, if you join us in person, we’ll have a special professor to give you one-on-one coaching from 10-11am – think of it as the TA’s Office Hours where you can drop in and get personalized attention.

If you can’t join us in person, you can always attend virtually or watch the classes after the fact on our on-demand network.


Jan 26
The Alphabet Soup of AdTech:  An Overview of the How AdTech works and Who the Players are
Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal, Prohaska Consulting

Feb 2
The Plumbing of Programmatic:  the Tools and Technology that Make Programmatic Advertising Work
Chris Kane, Founder, Jounce Media

Feb 9

Feb 16
Attributing the Buy, Measuring the ROI:  How do attribution models work, and how best to leverage them to maximize the ROI of your AdTech spend
John Matthews, President, Marketing Evolution

Feb 23
Finding the Needle in the Haystack:  Targeting the right consumer for your message
Sable Mi, VP, Head of Research & Insights, Ninth Decimal

March 2
To see or not to see:  the science behind the metrics of viewability, Invalid Traffic, and Location-based audiences
Ron Pirelli, VP, Digital Research & Standards, MRC

March 21
Graduation Ceremony
Special reception following Annual Conference