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Celebrating 50 years, the Journal of Advertising Research 50th Anniversary Special Edition is packed with analysis and insights from over 40 internationally renowned academics and industry leaders.

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By advertising in the Journal of Advertising Research, your message will reach a worldwide audience of 2,700 leaders in marketing communications, including every member of the ARF.


Full Colour


 Outside Back Cover

$ 2,000


 Inside Front Cover

$ 1,800


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$ 1,200



 Full Page


$ 850


Discounts for series bookings
10% discount for booking 2 advertising positions
25% discount for booking 4 advertising positions

Copy Date
10 weeks preceding publication date


JAR Ad Specifications

Cover positions

Page Trim:

11 x 8 1/2 inches plus 1/10th inch bleed allowance
(279mm x 216mm plus 3mm bleed allowance)

Single Pages

Page Trim:

11 x 8 1/2inches (279mm x 216mm)

Print Area:

10 x 7 1/2 inches (250 mm x 190 mm)

Chris Kosar, Sales Director

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"JAR keeps us grounded—years of valuable experience written and shared with the industry to help keep us focused on more meaningful marketing and research practices."
Kate Sirkin – Starcom MediaVest Group