Industry Leader Forum - NY Program

Industry Leader Forum – NY Program

Friday, November 30, 2012
Time-Life Building • 1271 Avenue of the Americas • New York, NY

Leading Insights Into the Future: Tools for Transformation

Consumer insight generation has never been more challenging than now. The ways consumers get and share information are changing radically, so how do you take advantage of that to generate new insights organically and drive even better business decisions? At the ARF's Industry Leader Forum you will explore new tools that tap into these evolving consumer behaviors.

Leading researchers from some of the world's leading research buyers and sellers will share their individual challenges and collectively explore solutions in real-time. Then, in a fast-paced moderated session, practitioners in big data, listening, mobile research, biometrics, single source data, and reinvented virtual survey approaches will discuss the potential for contributions of these evolving research methods. In the afternoon we will break into working groups to discuss how to leverage these tools to drive insights decisions. Based on these results, together we will prioritize and define testing approaches and opportunities.

Be bold! Be ready to exchange ideas about what needs to change so that we can help marketers grow their businesses. Expect to walk away excited about the future of insights generation. Expect to meet new partners who can help you on this journey. Come arm yourself with the tools you'll need to drive change in your organization.

Opening Remarks
Don Gloeckler – EVP & Chief Research Officer, ARF

Marketing in the New Reality
Marketers are tasked with going to market faster than ever. One consequence? Less traditional qualification testing. Hear from a thought-provoking marketer about how decisions are being made and what insights are needed in this new competitive reality.
Michelle Peluso – Global Consumer Chief Marketing and Internet Officer, Citigroup

The Advertiser Challenge
A group of senior insights leaders share their challenges about what they need to develop deep insights in the future.

From Data Gatherers to Strategic Business Leaders
The market research industry is experiencing some very exciting and challenging times.  Technology gives people 24/7, real-time connections to everyone.  Economic power is shifting, from developed to developing markets.  Trust in institutions is eroding.  And the way for businesses to win now is to actually show they are making a difference for people.  How do we change from a “Plan-Learn-Qualify-Optimize-Launch-Track-Revisit in a Year” research approach to a more agile, real-time “Do-Learn” mentality?  And how do we ensure researchers of the future are evolving in every part of the industry, from being classic data gatherers and organizers into more savvy and strategic business leaders?
Joan Lewis – Global Consumer & Market Knowledge Officer, Procter & Gamble

Improving Our Insights Learning Tool Kit
Tough business times have elevated the role of insights as companies seek ever more elusive demand-based growth. Improving our insights learning tool kit will be important, but insufficient to meet the needs of these challenging times.   Insights leaders will need to re-invent themselves and develop a broader set of skills to lead a  "customer first" agenda across the entire enterprise.   We will need to be better strategists than the consultants; better collaborators than the new millennial workers, better consumer evangelists than an Apple fanatic.  We will need to re-define our role from "gatherers of insights" to "catalysts for growth".  Insight success stories in the future will be about broad and deep learning adoption and enterprise-wide systems to enable insight, fact-based decisions to drive growth - everyday.
Pam Forbus – VP, Strategic Insights, Frito-Lay

Exciting Times . . . Tread Carefully My Friends!

Insights have always faced challenges, and today is no exception. What are some of the specific watch-outs to consider as we take advantage of the exciting new opportunities for learning? Is big data the solution to all our challenges? Everyone is asking questions of consumers; does that mean I will always get the right answers? And does the Insight world always recognize that Indiana is not India? Tread carefully!
Richard Thorogood – VP of Global Oral Care Insights, Colgate-Palmolive

Are We Quicker Than a Fifth Grader?  Understanding Tomorrow’s Children Today
Given the speed, complexity, and magnitude of change expected over the next decade, how do we ensure we’re not just keeping pace but anticipating changes to children’s worlds?  As we see “play” unwired and rewired, what will stay the same and what evolves? How are new media and devices affecting child development? How kids access and navigate information? Their platforms of choice? The definition of play and the role of toys and games in their world? How can we not only stay ahead of what kids need—to learn, socialize, and grow—and also immerse ourselves and key decision-makers into their changing, dynamic world as they design product, entertainment, and market to children?
Katy Giffault – VP, Global Consumer Insights, Hasbro, Inc.

Morning Break

The Research Challenge
Global research leaders share their challenges about what they need to develop solutions.

What’s in a Partnership
Whether you're on the supply or client side of the industry, you undoubtedly have been frustrated by our collective lack of agility and innovation, cost, profit, staffing pressures, quality challenges, etc. We talk politely about our need to collaborate and co-create, but are we brave enough to form true strategic partnerships to catalyze the re-invention that we so clearly need?  Kim will share her thoughts on what would have to be true to create that change, as well as the implications for investment, IP protection, and the role of procurement.
Renne Smith – Chief Research Officer, Kantar

An Exciting Balance: Challenges and Opportunities
While the challenges of gaining better consumer insights are great, the opportunities for innovation are exhilarating.  Marketers need to understand diverse audiences from Millennials to Boomers, evolving shopping channels, and new technology. At the same time, we face some of the greatest challenges we have seen in collecting accurate consumer data, while we deal with lots of new databases which defy sampling theory.  It’s an exciting balance.
Tod Johnson – Chairman & CEO, The NPD Group

The Researchers of Tomorrow – The New Insight Hunters
The research community is increasingly challenged to deliver better “value” to clients, finding new and innovative ways to deliver tangible insights that drive a company’s success. While technology and tools play key roles in this value creation equation, talent is even more critical.  In particular, researchers need to become Insight Hunters. Successful Insight Hunters are able to integrate disparate or different information sources to generate insights, visualize and present insights in a clear and telegraphic format and deliver clear and compelling directions on how a business needs to action these insights. Given the import of talent to the value-delivery process how, as an industry, do we find and train our talent of tomorrow? In what new disciplines or areas can we find the information integration and visualization skills that define a successful Hunter?
David Krajicek, Ph.D. – CEO, GfK Custom Research North America

A New Standard:  Bigger Outcomes
Unrelenting economic pressures, particularly in developed markets, have forced companies to seek increased value and impact from the industry. How we respond together will make the difference and create the next generation of value creation.  Innovation, whether pioneering new data collection systems in emerging markets, opening new analytic avenues, or pioneering real-time measurement across platforms, will drive success.  Collaboration between all industry players will generate a new standard for insights that not only spark action but drive big outcomes and significant value for advertisers, merchandisers and brands.
John Lewis – President, Consumer North America, Nielsen

Moderated Advertiser and Research Panel
How do we collectively, as an industry, meet our future insights needs? In this round-robin session, advertiser and supplier leaders will weigh in.
Pamela Forbus – VP, Strategic Insights, Frito-Lay
Katy Giffault – VP, Global Consumer Insights, Hasbro, Inc.
Tod Johnson – Chairman & CEO, NPD Group
David Krajicek, Ph.D. – CEO, GfK Custom Research North America
Joan Lewis – Global Consumer & Market Knowledge Officer, Procter & Gamble
John Lewis – President, Consumer North America, Nielsen
Renne Smith – Chief Research Officer, Kantar
Richard Thorogood – VP of Global Oral Care Insights, Colgate-Palmolive
Don Gloeckler – EVP & Chief Research Officer, ARF

Luncheon and Keynote
Understanding the Electorate, Post-Election
What new approaches are still needed for future campaigns and what might the 2016 presidential election look like in terms of voter information we don’t have today?  What can we learn post-election about national agreement on Congressional-Presidential cooperation? ? John Zogby, founder of the Zogby Poll, the “second best known polling brand in the U.S. today” (The Washington Post), will weigh in.
John Zogby – Founder, Zogby Poll; Senior Analyst, JZ Analytics

New Methods to Drive Insights into the Future
Users of evolving research methods will discuss and debate the value of these methods and how they drive insights.
Mike Bloxham – Executive Director, Media Behavior Institute
Bill Harvey – Vice Chair and Chief Research Officer, TRA, Inc.
Manvir Kalsi – Manager, Market Intelligence, Samsung Electronics America (Big Data)
Carl Marci
– CEO & Chief Scientist, Innerscope Research (Biometrics)
David Polinchock – Director, AdWorks Lab, AT&T AdWorks (Mobile Research)
Steve Rappaport – Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF (Listening)
Shelley Zalis – CEO, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, Ipsos

Where Do We Go From Here?
Hear about the methods and approaches used to cultivate insights for Domino’s Pizza Turnaround campaign, which won the ARF’s Grand Ogilvy in excellence in advertising research.  Yet even this best case example of insights generation may not represent what marketers need in the future.  Where do we go from here?
Jeb Tilly – Group Director, Cultural and Business Insights, CP+B

The Future of Research Workshop – Moderated Breakout Groups
Attendees break into groups to exchange ideas and challenge each other about what other methods and approaches need to be considered and tested to drive insights generation forward. Together we will prioritize and define testing approaches and opportunities.
David Brudenell – EVP, pureprofile
David Forbes, Ph.D. – President & CEO, Forbes Consulting Group
Bruno Melone – Principal, 4i, Inc.
Eugene Roytburg – Managing Partner, 4i, Inc.

Afternoon break

The Future of Research Workshop – Reports and Recommendations
Each breakout group moderator will share recommendations about what the industry needs to do to leapfrog into the future of insights generation.
David Brudenell – EVP, pureprofile
David Forbes, Ph.D. – President & CEO, Forbes Consulting Group
Bruno Melone – Principal, 4i, Inc.
Eugene Roytburg – Managing Partner, 4i, Inc.
Gregg Archibald – Senior Partner, Gen2 Advisors

The Next New Thing or the Same Old Stuff? Targeting and Diffusion with Social Networks
What are social network data worth? Opinions vary: Some see social media marketing as the inevitable future, others emphasize the importance of traditional advertising and PR. In this talk, Dan Goldstein will be presenting new findings about targeting, adoption, and diffusion with social network data, based on research conducted by his colleagues at Microsoft's and Yahoo's Research arms.
Dan Goldstein – Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Synthesis/Industry Next Steps
Don Gloeckler – EVP & Chief Research Officer, ARF

Cocktail Reception

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