Industry Leader Forum - Program
Headline Speakers

Donna Goldfarb
Unilever, Americas

Stan Turek

Charles Mohs
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

speaker speaker
Drew Westen
Emory University and Author of The Political Brain

Susan Whiting

Industry Leader Forum - Program

Discovering Consumer Insights

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2010 • 8:00AM-6:00 PM EST
The New York Athletic Club • New York City


Registration & Continental Breakfast


Opening Remarks
Joel Rubinson – President, Rubinson Partners, Inc.


360 Degree View of Today’s Consumer
The advent of the global marketplace fueled by technology has given consumers an unprecedented degree of choice and control. With more screens to watch more forms of video content on and with social media communities connecting consumers and influencing their behavior; now more than ever, marketers must understand their consumers. While the global marketplace swirls with complexity, research insight simplifies and informs decision making. From what consumers watch to what consumers buy, The Nielsen Company is a global leader in understanding consumers. Join Susan Whiting, Vice Chair, The Nielsen Company for a 360 degree view of consumers today and tomorrow.

SPEAKER: Susan Whiting – Vice Chair, The Nielsen Company


Key Takeaways: How Marketing Executives Perceive the Marketing Research Function
Sachs Insights is leading a pro bono study conducted by a team of qualitative research consultants from their firm and others*. They are conducting 50 interviews with marketers to understand how marketing executives perceive the marketing research function and how they feel it can be optimized to help support and drive marketing and business decisions. Tammy Sachs, CEO and Founder of Sachs Insights, will share key takeaways from these interviews.

SPEAKER: Tammy Sachs – Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Sachs Insights


What the C-Suite Wants Insights to Deliver
Hear from four leading marketers about their approaches to consumer insights. What’s working and what’s not? What new strategies are looming on the horizon? Learn how they are taking a stand and making recommendations that will impact their businesses.

MODERATOR: Ian Lewis – Director of the Research Impact Consulting Practice, Cambiar LLC

Zara Ingilizian – Vice President of Marketing, Cookies, Kraft Food’s Snacks Business Unit
Charles Mohs
– Chief Marketing Officer, Global Franchise, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Scot Safon – Executive Vice President and General Manager, Headline News
Margaret Coughlin – Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Globe
John Ghingo – Senior Director, Oreo Global Growth Platform, Kraft Foods




Future of Consumer Insights: Voice of Research
In this session, four leading researchers will discuss how the marketing research function can be optimized to help support and drive marketing and business decisions. What are the new metrics of success?

MODERATOR: Dave Howlett – Sr. Director, Consumer Insights & Strategy, J.D. Power and Associates

Jim Figura – Vice President, Global Consumer Insights, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Donna Goldfarb – VP Consumer & Marketing Insights, Unilever
Ann Green – Partner, Client Solutions, Millward Brown
Beth LaPierre – Chief Listening Officer, Eastman Kodak


Where is the Talent Going to Come From?
Given the changing Research ecosystem, where is the talent going to come from? Researchers will need an expanding toolkit of skills and expertise that may be more about consulting skills than research knowledge. The new Researcher will need a different set of attributes in order to become change agents, visionaries, risk takers and to take a stand.

MODERATOR: Joel Rubinson – President, Rubinson Partners, Inc.

Jane Altobelli – EVP, Chief People Officer at SymphonyIRI Group
Donna Goldfarb – VP Consumer & Marketing Insights, Unilever
Mark Truss – Director of Brand Intelligence, JWT


Getting Your Transformation to Stick
How do you transform enough people so that the organization transforms itself and how do you sustain that change? You cannot force people to choose to transform the way in which they work, but you can create the right conditions for people to choose. Underlying transformation is the need to shift fundamental assumptions and the ability to communicate effectively. Hear about a successful transformational model that will help you effect changes in your organization.

SPEAKER: Gaurav Bhatnagar – Managing Partner, Co-Creation Partners


Luncheon (table topics)

Best Practices For Infusing Social Intelligence Across the Organization
Hosted by Rob Key – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Converseon

Using Social Media to Drive Product Innovation: 5 Emerging Consumer Trends for 2011 and How They Impact Your Business
Hosted by Dave Howlett and Lisa Riley – J.D. Power and Associates

The Biggest Opportunity in Social Media: Accurately Understand Consumers Online
Hosted by Bill Brown – Director of Sales, NetBase

What Exactly is an Insight: Discussion and Debate
Hosted by Philip Herr – SVP Corporate Intelligence, Millward Brown

Transforming the Consumer Insights Division in the Digital Age
Hosted by Aaron C. Peck – Chief Client Officer, Dynamic Logic

Consumer Research = Art + Science
Hosted by Dr. Carl Marci – CEO of Innerscope Research

How to Use Emotions in Marketing Without Scaring Left-Brainers
Hosted by Anne Manning, Co-Founder, Drumcircle and Bill Mount – Co-Founder, Drumcircle


Concurrent Sessions: Co-Presented Case Studies
In these three concurrent tracks, learn about what research transformation means for three important processes.


Brand Advantage

Customer Relationships


Using Biometric Research to Build Your Consumer Insights Vision
Suzanne Nagel of eHarmony will share a research journey that includes building a consumer insights function from scratch and using biometric research for deeper, fresh understanding about consumers.  She and Dr. Carl Marci will show examples from collaboration between eHarmony and Innerscope Research and speak to the potential for predicting direct response results insights.

MODERATOR: Dr. Carl Marci – Chief Executive Officer, Innerscope Research

SPEAKER: Suzanne Nagel - Senior Director of Marketing, eHarmony

Transforming Social Media Insights into Business Value
With consumers continuing to increase their participation in social media, market researchers can no longer afford to avoid this important avenue for insights into consumer opinions and behavior. Frank Cotignola of Kraft Foods will share his approach and demonstrate how he taps into this rich and growing data stream of consumer insights via online listening and how to convert them into actionable strategies that can deepen your understanding of your customers and increase the bottom line for your business.

MODERATOR: Bill Brown – Director of Sales, NetBase
SPEAKER: Frank Cotignola – Consumer Insights Manager, CIS Center of Excellence, Knowledge Management at Kraft Foods

Are You Going Beyond Monitoring with Social Media? 
Join Stan Turek, VP Customer Strategy & Shopper Insights, PepsiCo from PepsiCo and Dave Howlett, Vice President of Insights and Strategy for J.D. Power Web Intelligence, as they reveal case studies about how the companies have partnered to drive business decisions for food and beverage consumption habits and improved retail partnerships using social media.

MODERATOR: Dave Howlett – Vice President of Insights and Strategy, J.D. Power Web Intelligence
Stan Turek – VP Customer Strategy & Shopper Insights, PepsiCo
Lisa Riley – Senior Manager, Consumer Insights and Strategy, J.D. Power and Associates Web Intelligence Division


Listening beyond 1.0: A Case for ‘Research Robots’
Existing “listening” tools that count brand mentions, placing them in sentiment context, haven’t achieved adoption much beyond reputation monitoring. What’s next for researchers for generating insights from rich, freely available content in social media? Consider the possibility of ‘research robots’: tools to breathe life into attitudinal segments and brand personas.

SPEAKER: Susan Casserly Griffin – EVP Marketing and Business Development, BrainJuicer Inc.

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
We hear it all the time; “Deep inside, we know we’d be better marketers if we could really understand our customers’ emotions. But it makes some of us…uncomfortable.” And in this case, the clients are engineers who send satellites around the globe to provide critical geo-information imagery to the military.  Digital Globe’s CMO was charged with developing the company’s first-ever brand strategy. She took risks. She wanted to uncover the emotions that motivated linear-thinking people. She had to sell the approach to her management. And her budget was low. Together, Digital Globe and Drumcircle took on the challenge. Come see and hear the story of how we uncovered the Emotivations and translated them into a powerful brand story. And learn how you can accomplish a similar goal in your organization.

MODERATOR: Anne Manning – Founding Partner, Drumcircle

SPEAKER: Margaret Coughlin – CMO, Digital Globe

Making Social Intelligence Actionable in Enterprise Environments
Infusing social media intelligence into large, complex organizations for maximum impact can be a challenge.  Diverse use cases, unclear internal structures, multiple solution adoption, unclear governance, uneven understanding and more can inhibit systematic, enterprise approaches.   This session will provide some best practices on to become a “listening company” through enterprise adoption and frameworks, and include some clear lessons learned from IBM’s CORE Listening initiative.

MODERATOR: Rob Key – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Converseon

SPEAKER: Amy Laine – Principal Client Research Analyst, IBM




Transforming Research From “What” to “Now What”
Research used to be about the what (data), then about the so what? (analysis). Today, we go to the now what? (strategy, action), and we find ourselves accountable for the business results of what we recommend. What are actionable steps should we take to translate for the organization the meaning of what we are learning about human beings and markets into lucid foresight that tells us where to play - and where to win.

SPEAKER: Greg Whiteman – Manager, Market Research, USPS


Why Do People Make the Choices They Do?
It turns out that we vote with our hearts, not our minds, according to Drew Westen, Professor of Psychology at Emory University, and author of The Political Brain. The role of emotion in choosing elected officials or consumer purchases cannot be ignored. Listen to groundbreaking research on why voters and consumers make the decisions they do and how you can ultimately influence their choices.

SPEAKER: Drew Westen – Professor of Psychology, Emory University and Author of The Political Brain




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