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How Advertising Works™

The ARF’s How Advertising Works™ original research helps our members to drive greater business impact through more effective advertising and consumer insights. Following on from our hugely successful 2016 initiative, unveiled at Re:Think in March 2016, we’re excited to announce our next phase – three new initiatives that expand on the insights of our 2016 breakthroughs.

You have the opportunity to join us in our next phase of this foundational work by conducting original research. To be considered, please download the RFPs for one (or more) of the three initiatives below. You can send your completed RFP(s)s by email to the designated ARF researcher below.

Creating Effective Mobile Advertising

Key question: What are the most impactful ways to create valuable mobile advertising that doesn’t disrupt the consumer experience?

Download RFP »

ARF contact: Manuel Garcia-Garcia | manuel@thearf.org | 646-465-5708

Optimizing Mobile Research: Speaking the Consumer’s Language

Key question: How can surveys be designed to take advantage of the unique ways in which consumers communicate on mobile devices?

Download RFP »

ARF contact: Chris Bacon | Chris@thearf.org | 646-465-5727

Maximizing Media ROI: Cookies vs. Context

Key question: Do the benefits of targeting outweigh those of serving an ad in the right context and what is the right balance?

Download RFP »

Key question: To gain a better understanding of how different kinds of audio presentations impact ads. Does audio elevate the listener’s mood which carries over to the ad? Does a live presenter strengthen listener involvement? Does a playlist aligned to the listener’s taste strengthen listener involvement and ad impact?

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ARF contacts:
Jasper Snyder | Jasper@thearf.org | 646-465-5770
Horst Stipp | horst@thearf.org | 646-465-5705
Snyder Stipp

If you’re interested in becoming a How Advertising Works 2017 partner simply through funding or sharing existing research, please contact Marc Rappin at marc.rappin@thearf.org.

For questions on any of the initiatives please reach out to the ARF’s Research & Innovation team.