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Experiential Learning: From the Frontline, Hear Stories Told and Lessons Learned From Industry Leaders
2:05 – 2:35pm
Shubert, 6th Floor
Long Term Effects Reveal High ROIs of TV Advertising
If long term effects of TV advertising are taken into account, ROIs considerably higher than 1 are not an exception, but become the rule.

Guido Modenbach – Managing Director, Seven One Media GmbH
Raimund Wildner – Managing Director, GfK Verein
Majestic, 6th Floor Learnings From One of the World’s Largest Peoplemeter Panels
Learn how India runs an evolutive TAM Peplemeter panel in a vastly diverse, fast-changing, and rapidly growing environment.

Giovanni Fabris – Managing Partner, Fabris Media Marketing Services
LV Krishnan – CEO, TAM India
Sharan Sharma – SVP, TAM India
Empire, 7th Floor TV Untethered
Gain a deeper understanding of how where, when, and why consumers are viewing TV programming on mobile devices.

Laura Cowan – Research Director, LIN Media Aluquerque
Christopher Neal – VP, Tech and Telecom Practice, Chadwick, Martin Bailey
Manhattan, 8th Floor Going Beyond Currency – A New Approach to Advertising Testing
A program of research is outlined that represents a “new currency” for testing advertising and other marketing stimuli.

David Forbes – President, Forbes Consulting Group
2:40 – 3:10pm
Shubert, 6th Floor
Identifying the Best Media Placements to Win at Shelf
Conviction™ is a proven game-changer that enables planners and buyers to identify and optimize the best media placements for brand.

Brandy Everhart – Associate Media Director, The Martin Agency
Leslie Wood – Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions
Majestic, 6th Floor
Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Audience Measurement
How General Motors harnessed real-time data to isolate the effect of both brand and ATL media strategies.

Nathan Evans – Senior Experience Director, Mesh Planning NYC
Empire, 7th Floor How Mobile Natives Discover Products
Game-changing mobile research remaps the landscape of discovery for mobile natives.
Aryeh Jacobsohn – Mission Advisor, dScout
Michael Winnick – CEO, dScout
Manhattan, 8th Floor Kellogg’s Targets Weight Conscious Women HH With Addressable TV Campaign
Kellogg and Starcom team deploy brand messaging to specific targets using addressable television.

Helen Katz – SVP Research Director, Starcom MediaVest Group
Aaron Fetters – Director, Insights and Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company
3:15 – 3:45pm
Shubert, 6th Floor
Measuring the ROI of Cross-Platform Advertising Strategies
Why data about in-store purchase behavior is essential to understanding the touch points that motivate consumption.

Joy Joseph – Principal and Practice Leader, IRI
Joe Sakach – Director, Consumer & Customer Insights, Campbell Soup Company

Majestic, 6th Floor Why, When and How Much to Entertain Consumers in Ads?
Little is known about the downside of using too much entertainment in ads. Learn why, when and how much to entertain viewers to persuade.

Thales Teixeira – Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Empire, 7th Floor Mobile: Measure the Previously Unmeasureable. Drive ROMI
Mobile Measurement allows the previously unmeasurable to become precision marketing tools that can help drive advertising and marketing ROIs forward.

Stephanie Bauer Marshall  – Director of Precision Market Insights, Verizon Wireless

Manhattan, 8th Floor Creating the Connected Experience
Learn new insights and best practices for advertisers and programmers to develop more rewarding connections with their audience using ACR on smart TVs.

Dan Aversano – VP, TEN Ad Sales Research, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Brian Levine – President & Chief Innovation Officer, Innerscope Research, Inc.


3:45 – 4:05pm
Foyer, 6th Floor
Seventh Inning Stretch
Brought to you by Triton Digital 


Digital Success Stories: Social Media ROI Examined & New Research
4:05 – 4:35pm
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
Panel Social Media Deep Dive: Allocating Resources Across the Corporation
Social media has moved from “nice to have” to “must have” status in the marketer’s toolbox. While the early euphoria (and panic) has morphed into a more nuanced view, allocating budget towards social media is still a process, and even a battle, at some companies.   This panel of esteemed marketers share their point of views about how they are reallocating dollars from more established disciplines to social media and how measurement justifies the cause.

Scott Campbell – General Manager, Colgate-Palmolive
Sarah Hofstetter – President, 360i
Peter Orban – EVP, Online, Social and Mobile Media Marketing, ARF

4:35 – 4:50pm
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
Award Winning Submission A Look at How Bank of America Optimized Their Social Media Strategy
Every relationship between Bank of America and their customers is unique. In an effort to improve the customer relationships, Bank of America realized that their overall social dialogue needed to become more contextually relevant to provide value. This isn’t easy to implement in social media. Learn how Bank of America was able to redefine their social media goals at an audience-level.

Daniel Goldstein – Analytics Manager, Hill Holiday
Charles Price – SVP, Social Enterprise Social Media, Bank of America

4:50 – 5:05pm
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
Award Winning Submission What Drives Successful Telco Digital Marketing ROI on Facebook?
Digital ad campaigns, while measurable in terms of impressions and clicks, have suffered from the perceived disconnect to offline sales lift. Learn how Facebook’s "big data" (census-level outcome measurement via their view of 600M mobile users and their devices) plus traditional marketing science techniques, link marketing exposure to the outcome metrics of interest to telco device manufacturers and service providers.

Sean Bruich – Head of Measurement R&D and Partnerships, Facebook, Inc.
Ruth Kricheli – Head of Telco Measurement, Facebook, Inc.

5:05 – 5:25pm
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
ARF Exclusive
The ARF “Neuro 2” Project on Predicting Advertising Success
The ARF’s Neuro 1 project explored the value of the new Neuromarketing methods. This new project, “Neuro 2,” explores the
added impact of these methods over traditional measures in
predicting the effectiveness of TV commercials. Hear an overview of
the findings in this session.
Horst Stipp, Ph.D. – EVP, Global Business Strategy, ARF

Vinod Venkatraman, Ph.D. – Associate Director, Center for Neural Decision Making, Temple University
Russell Winer, Ph.D. – Chair, Marketing Department, Stern School of Business, New York University


Game Changing Industry Solutions With Real World Examples
5:30 – 6:00pm
Majestic, 6th Floor
GfK Sponsored Presentation Mobile and Location Insights – A Game Changer to Understand Your Audience
As people move around while carrying their mobile devices, they leave a digital footprint on the sites they visit, their location, and their patterns of behavior. By integrating two powerful sources – behavioral data from mobile providers with demographics and consumer metrics – learn how a unique, dynamic view of the mobile marketplace is generated.

Niko Waesche – Director, Digital Strategy and Development, Audience Measurement, GfK
Empire, 7th Floor Nielsen Sponsored Presentation Going Beyond Reach for Online and Cross-Platform Campaigns
This session delves into unique and overlapping opportunities. Can digital advertising can really complement or enhance the conventional TV buy?  To understand the incremental business opportunities that may exist, presenters tap into assets like Nielsen Online Campaign RatingsTM, to examine the premise at work. 

Sean Bruich - Head of Measurement R&D and Partnerships, Facebook, Inc.
Andrew Feigenson - SVP, Digital Client Service, Nielsen

Shubert, 6th Floor MotiveQuest Sponsored Presentation How to Measure Social Media for Business Impact: The One Number You Need to Know
Measuring social media can be bloody hard. In 2006 MotiveQuest got fed up with being overwhelmed and embarked on a two year process with the brainiacs at Northwestern University to look at what metrics actually matter when it comes to sale and share. Hear about the journey, the metric and real cases showing how the metric can be used to predict sales and share.

Zachary Nippert – CMO, MotiveQuest
Kirsten Recknagel – CMO, MotiveQuest

6:00 – 6:30pm
Majestic, 6th Floor
NCC Media Sponsored Presentation
Achieving Reach, Value and Security in a Fragmented Viewing Environment
Reach, value and security are becoming more important for media planners. With TV viewing fragmenting, achieving these goals requires greater analysis than ever before. This session speaks to how data stewardship is as important as the data itself.

Randy Cooke - VP of Research, NCC Media
Nicole Gleason - Director of Analytical Services, NCC Media

Shubert, 6th Floor Rentrak Sponsored Presentation Understanding the Total TV Audience
How advertisers, agencies and networks can benefit from insight that combines DVR and video on demand (VOD) viewership information with that of the live TV audience for all ad-supported primetime network and cable programs over seven, 14 and 28 days.

Bruce Goerlich - CRO, Rentrak 


6:30 – 7:45pm
Marquis Ballroom & Upper Terrace, 9th Floor
Cocktails and Conversations
Brought to you by NCC Media and Rentrak