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The ARF Research Review makes the end user’s appraisal process more effective and efficient by providing a side-by-side comparison of the proposed method or service and the relevant ARF guidelines and principles.

Despite the continuing effects of the recession, we have seen a stream of new research tools and services entering the marketplace. To combat economic turmoil and greater global competition, marketers are making more rapid changes in strategies and programs; consequently, research providers are seeking faster innovation. Many research innovation efforts have met with a slow and inconsistent process of client appraisal.

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Journal of Advertising Research

What We Know About Peer-to-Peer Marketing
June 2014, Vol. 54, No. 2

Since its launch by the ARF in 1960, the Journal of Advertising Research has become one of the seminal journals in the industry. Enjoy this free digital download of the 50th Anniversary issue.



"“The ARF provides a rare opportunity to interact with people on the other spokes of the research wheel; to see how people on the advertising, research vendor and brand level use the same research I do, but differently. This way I can be more in synch with what the industry is doing and that allows me to work more effectively."
Daria Nachman – Director of Marketing Research, ABC National TV Sales


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