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SurveyMonkey: Ambitious Advertising Research Foundation Initiative Has Industry Buzzing

February 6, 2012

Leaders in the research industry met in New York on January 26th to kick off the Foundations of Quality 2 (FOQ2) initiative, the most ambitious Research on Research project ever attempted.   The initiative, which met at the Advertising Research Foundation, has attracted leading thinkers from all across the industry to reduce marketers’ risk in decisions made based on online survey research.

I founded TrueSample in 2008 in response to the encouragement of thoughtful clients at P&G, Microsoft, and General Mills, with the intent of eventually developing a comprehensive global data quality solution for the research industry as a whole.  We have been making sure that survey respondents are real, unique and engaged for three years across tens of millions of accesses.  SurveyMonkey, a global technology company, recently acquired TrueSample. We now have more resources than ever before to put forth in the research world, and the TrueSample team is very happy to be working with SurveyMonkey to take the solution to another level.

Dave Goldberg, SurveyMonkey’s CEO, and I were proud to host a dinner for the leaders from Foundations of Quality 2 to introduce the combined company to the research leaders who attended the meeting in New York.  Forty leaders at dinner from firms like P&G, Kantar, TNS, Toluna, Ipsos, uSamp, GfK, ResearchNow and many others crowded into an intimate venue in Grammercy Park called TheHouse.

We have three people in leadership roles related to FOQ 2 from TrueSample and SurveyMonkey.  I am co-leading the overall effort with George Terhanian from Toluna; Nallan Suresh of TrueSample is leading two sub-initiatives including Identity Verification Approaches and Survey Taking Frequency;  Phil Garland of SurveyMonkey is leading the effort to analyze procedures for eliminating undesired survey taking behavior.

Designed as a cross industry initiative, similar to the original Foundations of Quality initiative conducted in 2008 and 2009, the FOQ2 initiative will require sample from all providers in the industry and be extended to analyze additional non-panel based sources.

Both the SurveyMonkey team and the TrueSample team look forward to being involved in the historic effort that is FOQ 2.

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