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Infographic: Human Centric Media Model

November 1, 2011

In the September, 2010 addition of the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR), Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s Jenni Romaniuk and LogicLab’s Craig Gugel provided an overview of the journey the Advertising Research Foundations (ARF) 360 Media and Marketing Council undertook to reevaluate the role that exposure to communication channels play in moving consumers along the path to purchase. The article was titled “The ARF 360 model: Update to a Human-Centric Approach” [Download PDF].

Below is One to One’s first attempt to visualize and consolidate the evolution of THE ARF 360 Model into it’s most recent iteration:


In keeping with the spirit of the original model, the stages that are detailed above are not meant to be linear in nature. The ARF 360 Committee felt it was important for this model to be circular to “highlight that there is no single starting point that applies to everyone”. Indeed, the Committee highlighted that the process can be initiated by either the marketer or the person seeking to satisfy specific needs. They continued “to refer to the “human” rather then the “consumer” to remind the industry that consumption is only one part of their lives”. And with consumers in control of media, the “onus rests squarely on the advertising community to “adapt to the choices consumers make”.

To that end, I think we still have some work to do on this infographic. This Version 1.0 attempt to summarize the good work done by The ARF 360 Committee should be viewed as an initial draft. One to One is open to any/all feedback to make this asset as clear and as helpful as possible. We will continue to evolve this design and provide additional formats for download. In the spirit of starting a dialogue, we felt this was at least “good enough” to share with a broader audience.

As seen here:


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