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Announcing the ARF Career Center

March 24, 2009

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Career Center

Bob Barocci, CEO and Joel Rubinson, CRO discuss the ARF’s 21st century resource for employers and jobseekers

By: Steve Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director

The ARF’s online Career Center is the newest service for members and the industry-at-large. Focused exclusively on marketing and advertising positions, the Career Center provides employers with an economical way to reach those highly qualified and relevant prospects along with tools for managing job postings and monitoring performance. For jobseekers, we offer resume management and job application, as most expect, but we add a layer of career management services, that span the gamut from free advice to fee-based resume review, writing and career coaching.

I sat down with Bob and Joel and asked them to share their thoughts about the Career Center and its value.

ARF: Bob, there’s no shortage of job boards for marketing and advertising pros and newbies. What needs did you see that the ARF’s board would fill?

Bob Barocci: Through calls that come in and conversations we have nearly every day, our members tell us they’re looking to hire quality people with the skills, temperament and guts to handle today’s work and be effective in this uncertain, changing world. As bleak as the economy appears to many people, the fact is that great companies are hiring, and they look to the ARF community as the place for extraordinary people. From the job hunting angle, the “jobs and internship” page is the third-most visited one on our website. Our web visitors are looking for the best employers. The ARF Career Center should make job advertising – and job seeking - more targeted, more time-efficient, and more effective.

ARF: Joel, you’re leading a major industry initiative called “research transformation,” and you write and speak about making research a cool occupation. How will the Career Center fit into these movements?

Joel Rubinson: If all we were doing was offering the same old jobs for the same old reasons, it wouldn’t fit. Instead the Career Center will focus on the new jobs, responsibilities, skills and talents necessary to drive the success of companies and the future of research. While there will be plenty of new titles and roles, some jobs may be defined as they always have, but what it takes to do those jobs is different. Many of us know that we’ll have many jobs and many employers. And employers know they’ll create and eliminate jobs as markets dictate. We want to help companies and people make the right matches, as often as they need, over time and career.

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