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Partner with a Trusted Source to Reach a Highly Targeted Audience

The ARF Webcast Program is the most cost effective and efficient way to promote your research solutions and services to a highly engaged community of advertising research professionals. These lunchtime webcasts are attended by advertisers, advertising agencies, media companies and research firms who know and respect the ARF as the leading expert on advertising research and effectiveness. They use our webcasts to learn about new research innovations, insights and findings from individuals recognized by the ARF as leading thinkers in the field. ARF webcasts are an amazing opportunity to partner with a trusted source to reach a highly targeted audience! Here's what you get:

  • Partnered webcast with the ARF
  • Recognition as a sponsor of the webcast
  • Full contact information for all “opt-in” attendees
  • Passes to invite clients/colleagues to attend
  • Option to record your webcast for On-Demand viewing on the ARF website and yours

Draw from an Audience of over 8,000 Advertising Professionals

ARF Webcasts are promoted via email and internet to over 8,000 professionals representing advertisers, advertising agencies, media companies and research firms. Attendees are highly interested in the topic and often seeking out solutions to their business needs. There are 1,000 seats available per webcast. Many seats are used by several viewers watching the webcast together in a conference room. Attendance is not restricted to ARF members.

Generate More Leads

Webcasts employ an opt-in procedure that allows attendees to release their contact information in exchange for the speaker sending them a copy of the presentation or other relevant information. The large majority of attendees (approximately 90%) do opt-in, providing webcast sponsors with the contact information for a large group of highly interested prospects. Sponsors are allowed to provide modified presentations to any attendees they see as competitors.

Webcasts Are a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Price discounts are given to webcast sponsors who are ARF member companies and who purchase more than one webcast. Webcast packages are good for a 12 month period. The ARF webcasts give you an opportunity to talk to research professionals across the country for less than $1 per contact!

ARF Member:
Fee per webcast $2,500
Fee for package of 5 webcasts: $10,625 (15% discount, $2,125 each)
Fee for package of 10 webcasts: $18,750 (25% discount, $1,875 each)

Read our Member Testimonials

"The ARF webcast program is a cost-effective, efficient way for us to convey our messages directly to our target market. With the guidance of the ARF webcast staff, each webcast is easy to plan and execute ... allowing us to concentrate on the content, really drive our message home and increase our return. We have had great success with the ARF webcast program and highly recommend it to others."
Monica Cordina – Marketing Manager, Cymfony

"Ameritest has done a couple of ARF webcasts and have found each experience to be better than the last. The ARF webcast staff is always a pleasure to work with, but we have gotten smarter about how to create them and the ARF’s webcast technology keeps getting better. It is a great way to increase your visibility and to reach potential new clients."
Tom Rehfeld – SVP, Sr. Research Director, Ameritest. CY Research

"From the beginning, the ARF Webcast program has impressed us with its ease-of-use as well as the professionalism and attention to detail of its staff. The ARF Webcast has allowed us to broadcast our message to a large group of industry professionals and has delivered concrete results."
Anne Marie Kelly – SVP Marketing & Strategic Planning, GfK MRI



"In an industry that changes on near daily basis, and in a world populated by today’s “bionic” consumers, The ARF Webcast Program is an extraordinarily effective way of disseminating thought leadership. Companies like Brand Keys have found this an effective presentation platform, and, based upon the contacts and reactions to our work, marketing and media professionals seem to appreciate the ability to laser-target and self-select issues that can make the difference for them between success and failure."
Robert Passikoff, Ph.D. – Founder President, Brand Keys, Inc.

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Download the ARF Webcast Program Kit here!

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Daniel Bulgrin – Strategic Partnerships Fulfillment Manager or call 646.465.5757