Foundations of Quality 2

Foundations of Quality 2


In early 2010, as learnings from the 2008-9 Foundations of Quality (now FoQ 1.0) research initiative were being translated into practice, the ARF recognized that more research is still needed to meet industry needs. Although FoQ 1.0 accomplished much, the continued growth of online survey research and the rapid change in the technology that supports it demands additional research-on-research to understand what works, and what works better.

As a result, in September 2011, the ARF Research Quality Forum launched an eight-part research-on-research initiative, Foundations of Quality 2 (FoQ 2).

Learn more about FoQ2 in this presentation by The ARF's CEO & President Gayle Fuguitt, Leading Edge Insights: Foundations of Quality 2.0.

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The ARF Foundations of Quality 2.0 initiative completed more than 75,000 interviews and countless hours of analysis and identified numerous ways to improve quality and reduce risk associated with business decisions based on online survey research.  The FOQ2 Dataset Challenge is a contest that provides the opportunity to mine this rich dataset to enhance and supplement the ARF’s findings and increase industry knowledge.
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The ARF would like to thank our FoQ 2 Sponsors:

Research Buyers
Con Agra
General Mills
General Motors
Starcom Mediavest Group
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What is the goal of FoQ 2?

The chief goal of FoQ 2 is to reduce marketers’ risk in decisions made based on online survey research. FoQ 2 will achieve that by evaluating the impact of eight factors on survey response quality, then translating those quality impacts into improved research practices.

Eight Quality Impact Initiatives

  • Respondent selection procedures
  • Post-hoc weighting procedures
  • Procedures to reduce/eliminate undesired within-survey behavior
  • Identity verification (and exclusions based on non-identification)
  • Survey participation frequency
  • Respondent motivations and incentives
  • Sample sources (panel, river, community, etc.)
  • Router sample optimization practices (impact on sample and survey results)

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FoQ 2 has three major needs:

  1. Sponsorship: Financial support both from sellers and buyers to supplement the ARF’s investment and ensure that we can accomplish this ambitious learning program.
  2. Volunteers: Both from the selling and buying side of the research industry, to participate in one or more of the eight quality impact initiative teams. 
  3. Survey respondents: Through panels, rivers, social media, and other means from companies that make them available to the industry

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsors of the ARF’s Foundations of Quality 2 program will be making an important contribution to the industry and the future capacity of their company to maintain research excellence. Sponsors will also receive several unique and valuable benefits of sponsorship, including:

  • Regular updates on the progress of the Initiative
  • Access to initial findings and the final report prior to public release. 
  • Recognition in all publicity and publications for the Foundations of Quality 2 initiative.

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