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The ARF Knowledge Center serves as a central resource for the wealth of materials relating to advertising research. Learn more!

ARF Books & Publications

The ARF presents and shares its knowledge through a variety of formats. In addition to hosting events and forum meetings, we publish books, white papers, journals and reviews.

Listen First: Turning Social Media Conversations into Business Advantage and The Online Advertising Playbook are available through Learning from Winners, Market Research Matters and The ARF Listening Playbook are available via My ARF.

White Papers
The ARF’s Engagement Initiatives generated a series of papers that define engagement and report on groundbreaking research studies that demonstrate the value of the engagement approach. All are available on My ARF.

Journal of Advertising Research
The ARF’s seminal, peer-reviewed Journal provides practitioners and academics with the latest research on advertising. Special issues are available on My ARF.

Standards and Guidelines
The ARF publishes standards and guidelines for conducting research that are invaluable for advertising researchers of all levels.

Research Reviews
ARF reviews the methodologies of leading research companies in order to provide purchasers and prospects with a fact base that can be incorporated into their decisions.

Knowledge Briefs
The full Knowledge Briefs from The Foundation of Quality Study are available free to ARF members and to non-members for $199. Download or Purchase under "Publications" at My ARF.

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